About Me

hi~ I’m Dolma
Welcome to my blog!

I am a girl from Florida, USA. I worked in an Internet company for 3 years before, and I came into contact with the Internet because of work. So I in 2018 you quit your job and became a blogger.
From the initial website construction to SEO, and then to network marketing later, I have experienced many failures along the way, which also allowed me to gain a lot of valuable experience… Making money by automating the Internet is what makes me the happiest.

Now I’d like to share some of my own experiences with you. In 2022, I launched the blog dolmablog.com. This blog’s main focus is on website development, SEO, Internet marketing, making money online, and other topics. I will update the blog content on a regular and consistent basis, and I hope that the information I provide is useful to everyone!

My email address is zjjzyrbl@gmail.com.